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I call this my Recovery Web Site because I intend to make it my portal to the world where I can show who I am and what I can do.
On September 30th 2010 I was layed off from NASA at the Johnson Space Center after 33 years of service. Since then I have
been looking for a way to say to the world that I am still alive and here is what I can do. So, here I am world, I'M BACK!!!. To get you started, here is a copy of my resume
Hi, I'm Jack Baston
and this is me on the air at KACC 89.7 FM in Alvin, ,
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You can hear our station through streaming audio on www.kaccradio.com (just click Audio Only at the bottom of the page). In the meantime, please visit my KACC page for airchecks and projects I created and produced in the past.
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 Please visit my Salute Our Shuttle and Open House page.
    Space Center Houston finally has a Shuttle. See the video.

    See the last flight of Endeavour (September 2012) ‚Äč page.
      See JSC Open House slideshow from Sept 29th page.
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Broadcast: The new date and time is now
 on Thursdays from 9 am to 1pm.

James Drury
(star of the Virginian)
visits my radio show. See
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 the Veteran's History Project
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